November 2013 Open House

November Lanark Eco-Village (LEV) project: Open House and Members Meeting

Member’s Meeting: Friday, November 29th, evening.
– [optional] Sitting together in silence – meditation 1/2 hour before meeting
– Check in
– Approval of last Minutes
– Agenda review
– New agenda items
Details to follow closer to the dates.

Open House: Saturday, November 30th, 2:00 pm. onward.
Schedule below.
Ridesharing is encouraged. Please post and check posts here to coordinate everyone’s rideshares:

The schedule on the 30th will be:

2:00 – A tour of the building area and existing facilities,

4:00 – A listening circle enabling each participant, if they wish, to express their thoughts and feelings on community, eco-village, dreams, concerns and other matters of our unfolding future. There will be an opportunity after for questions about LEV.

6:00 – Pot Luck supper

Followed by social time.

You are welcome to come for any or all of these activities.

Additional Information about the project can be found at these sites:
The basic inspiration is posted as, “Where Will the Grandchildren Live; An Alternative View of Retirement”  at:
An overview of building objectives are at:

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October 2013 Open House

Late summer and early fall were busy at Lanark Eco-Village, and the greater world outside injected its share of interruptions, distractions and obligations too.  The result was that we were unable to host an Open House in September.  We are happy therefore to announce that October will see a return of this popular event:

The Open House will be on Sunday October 27th

  • Starting with a tour of the property at 2:00 pm, showcasing progress on the summer kitchen masonry project
  • Discussion of the Eco-Village vision and our changing times at 4:00 pm,
  • Followed by a pot luck supper for those who want to stay at 6:00 pm.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused by the difference between this date and those tentatively suggested earlier on the LanarkMembers Google Group.  Note also that no Members’ Meeting is being held in conjunction with this Open House; that will occur on Saturday, October 12th instead.

We hope you can come and join us in imagining how we might build a settlement suitable for long-term well-being into the 21st Century.

We can usually arrange space for you to lay out a sleeping bag if you want to stay overnight afterwards, or indeed come a day early, but please contact us in advance to be certain.  For this, or if you’re interested in membership, would like more information about the project, or need directions to the Eco-Village site, please email  Also, if you either need transport or could provide it for others, please let us know by adding a comment to our ride-share page.

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August 2013 Open House and Members’ Meeting

From the complexity of various summer plans, we have finally settled on having two gatherings this month.

The dates are:

  • August 23rd – Members’ Meeting after pot luck
  • August 25th   – Open House
  • August 31st – Open House

The Members ‘ meeting will happen after we meet for pot luck dinner and welcome back exhausted musicians from Lanark Village at  Providence Point. (Earlier on Friday, as part of Bassoon Days, there will be a  free concert at 2pm  – followed by ICE CREAM SUNDAEs – at Providence Point Campground  For directions

The Open Houses will start at 2:00 pm. with a tour of the site, followed by discussion, a pot luck supper and a social evening.

If you are coming for either of these events, you are welcome to stay over before or after, for a better look around, and  perhaps, to help out with the projects at hand.  The campground is always open for tents . The new outdoor cooking facility makes it easier for campers.  Please let Mike know if you  plan on an extended stay.

Its a good time to visit.  The garden is booming!

At our Children’s Camp (August 7th & 8th, 2013), we initiated two fire places. The first is a campfire circle and the second, a place for preparing food.


Summer Kitchen starting to take shape:
This cooking surface will have a bake oven added on the left, hopefully before the end of the season








More images at

We hope you can come and join us in imagining how we might build a settlement suitable for long-term well-being into the 21st Century. Let us know if you would like detailed directions. Looking forward to showing you around.

For more information on the project, directions to the site, interest in membership, please email

Ride Sharing:
Please let us know (phone or add a comment to our ride-share page) if you need a ride or could provide one to others.

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June 2013 Open House and Members’ Meeting

Saturday June 8 2013
Next weekend is the Lanark Eco-Village Open House.  An approximate time table follows.

Ride Sharing – Post if you need a ride

Saturday, June 8th

12:00   Pot Luck lunch

2:00   Tour of the ecovillage projects

4:00   Talking Circle:  an opportunity to take turns sharing interests, concerns, stories, dreams and other matters related to Eco-Village and our changing times.

6:00 Pot Luck supper

After Supper music and perhaps dancing.

Sunday, June 9th

Our campground will be ready for camping for anyone who wants to stay over and get involved in whatever projects are current when the day arrives.  We also have a few places in the house if someone really wants to stay over but doesn’t have camping equipment.

Monday, June 10th

11:00 Meditation

12:00 Potluck lunch

Followed by the Member’s Meeting.
Visitors are welcome to attend the Member’s meeting if they want to become familiar with the issues we are working with presently.

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May Open House & Members Meeting

Happy spring!

Open House on May 11th from 2pm with potluck supper followed by some combo of live music for listening and dj for dancing.

Saturday we are also proposing a mini-work party to repair a piece of fence in the lower garden. We have lattice strapping and cedar pole pieces.

We will have to dig a hole, and then use bailing wire and hammer some nails to fasten the pieces.  Please post if you can assist and bring materials for this job. We need 2″ or longer nails for fastening to the pole, and 1″ nails for the lattice work.

The Members’ Meeting will be Sunday May 12th 10:00 am.
Mike will be away but we will still manage to have a wonderful time, hope to see you!

If you need transportation, please post here:

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April Open House and Members Meeting

From Mike Nickerson’s email announcement (Wed 2013-03-20 7:18 PM) on the lanarkmembers Google Group:


Happy Spring Equinox.

The snow is fresh and white, belying the recent thaw. Warmer weather is coming soon.

We have finally settled the schedule for the next Open House and Members Meeting. Times are subject to unfolding reality.

If you are planning to come and have room for a rider, or if you need a ride, let us know and we’ll help set up car pooling.  (You can reply to the Co-Transpo page to do this.)

Open House Schedule:

Saturday April 6th

– 2:00 Open House begins with tour around the site 2:30

– 4:30 Circle discussion about Eco-Village, hopes, dreams, the world
and the future

– 6:30 Pot luck supper

– Social, may involve singing and/or dancing.

Sunday April 7th

– 10:00 Eco-Village Members meeting.

There is also the possibility of a yoga session prior to or after the above schedule. If you might be interested, please let Gail know at: gailwal at gmail dot com

Remember that April is renewal date for membership. $60 will keep you in the loop for a year and give us much needed cash to work on getting the permits to build the dream. Your involvement on this level would be much appreciated.

Hoping to see you at this or another event in the months to come.


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Permaculture Course Weekend of July 28 2012

The Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario presents:

Ecological Design and Gardening: Introduction to Permaculture course

Date: Saturday, July 28, 2012 – 09:00 – Sunday, July 29, 2012 – 17:30
Location: Lanark Eco-Village, ON
Cost:$225, includes HST, vegetarian meals & camping space.Permaculture design – the ethics, principles and design process – is based on living systems and draws upon indigenous knowledge. It can be applied to physical systems (eg. farms, gardens, cities) and to social systems (eg. organisational flows, business models, school curricula) anywhere. These courses focus on permaculture as DESIGN, which can be broadly applied to land-based, urban, social or economic systems.

This is a unique opportunity to take this course in an inspiring and beautiful, country setting at the Lanark Eco-Village!


The Introduction Module provides a foundation in permaculture ethics, principles and design. It also gives an overview of common gardening techniques used in permaculture.

 Course Topics:

  • Permaculture ethics
  • Design principles
  • Patterns in nature
  • Zones and sectors
  • Design process overview, mini design exercise
  • Forest gardens, plant guilds, polycultures, sheet mulching, chop and drop
  • Garden hands-on

The hours and cost can be applied as credit towards the full 84-hour Permaculture Design Course offered by the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa in fall 2012.

For more info: or 613-267-1926
Presented by the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario –
In partnership with Lanark Eco-Village
Download the Registration Form

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Lanark Eco-Village Vision & Purpose

The Lanark Eco-Village Vision & Purpose document approved at the members’ meeting on 8 January 2012 has been posted.  A permanent link to this will remain on the Documents page.

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This is the proposed LEV logo The spiral represents integral, cosmic worldview, green and brown represents cycling nutients in perpetuity, the blobby spiral shape represents, very abstractly, an earthworm (Gerrie is ‘the worm lady’) transparent overlapping circles represent cooperation of … Continue reading

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If you have questions

You can use the new Contact Page!  Suggestions for the site?  Let us know.  Contact

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