Oct 23 2011 Members meeting

Members of Lanark Eco-Village Business Meeting
Held October 23, 2011 Lanark, Ontario


Meeting began at 2:00 p.m.
In attendance:

Members present:

Aileen McKenna
Andrew MacDonald
Gail Walker
Gerrie Baker
Hilderic Browne
Kara Stonehouse
Keith Shackleton
Mike Nickerson
Pat Browne


1. Minutes of previous members meeting.
2. Update Membership and Finance Reports from Keith and decide on bank account
3. Folk(US) Group – Commissioned until November 1st, 2011-10-24
update on group – Report on where do we go.
4. Decision around value, vision and mission statements
5. Zoning – for next weeks meeting with Russ Christianson. Secretary-Treasurer time-frame needs decision

1. Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting deferred.

2. a) Membership – There are now 18 members.

b) Finance – Financial domains for decisions – members fees and usage.

1) $1,250 community environmental energy network funds are being used for the Zoning Application fee
2) Contribution from Hildrec and Pat to be used for Capital Expenditures
3) List of Eco-Village expenses – to go through bills and capital expenditures and make decisions

3. Focus Circle original roles

1) Legal ownership
2) decision making model
3) finances
4) zoning
5) logistics = building and property issues
6) process facilitation


Acceptance to Proposal to extend focus group beyond November 1 with the following changes: Rotating facilitators, Set dates for meetings far in advance, Andrew to be part of Focus Circle.

Next meeting will be decided by the group through a doodle poll that will be conducted by Andrew. There will be regular monthly meetings decided upon in advance. Andrew will explore the possibility of using Skype from time to time for meetings.

Sub-committees – some have time-lines
Decision-making model task has finished
“Consultation” attitudes will be part of that process

Cheque for $1,250. will be made to Lanark Eco-Village and will require signature for deposit

Decision: to establish bank account. Keith given permission to make final decision as to which bank to use: Alterna or Scotia Bank as each provide different advantages.

Proposal to have 3 signatories for banking
Decision: any two signatures of Keith plus Mike or Gail
Decision: Keith be reappointed Secretary-Treasurer until April 1st, 2012

2. Focus Circle


Revised roles:

Folk-us Circle roles from November to April 2012

1. Community Development (Andrew with Kara, Gail)
Outreach and Communication sub commitee * (Hildrech and Kara)
2. Legal and Finance (Keith with Gail, (Gerrie))
3. Planning (zoning) and Building (Pat with Mike, Keith)
Gardening Planning Sub committee – Mike, Gail, Keith, Gerrie
4. Education (Gerrie and Mike)

*Community development incl Newsletter and Website to be handled by Kara and Hilderic and Pat

Decision: Renew mandate of Focus Circle to continue until April 1st, 2012

Meeting with Russ on October 29th, for clarification on issues in following four categories:

1. Hearth Keepers
2. Land Share Stewards
3. Investors (financial)
4. Community Stewards ( current members)

What do we do with work we have done today?


Working draft of Andrews’ notes for today.

Next members meeting to be held between Christmas and New Years!!!

Adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

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