There is a house, a wonderful workshop with residence, and sheds on the property.  Here we can describe any changes to these buildings or discussion of new buildings and how these will be incorporated into the site design!

Enjoy talking buildings?  Join in!

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2 Responses to Buildings

  1. kshackleton says:

    One thing that we have discussed and I believe we have some consensus on (although not officially endorsed by membership) is that new housing should be clustered, not scattered over the land base. That way community is promoted and the land is minimally impacted.

    I asked a friend, a LEED-certified green architect, whether he had thoughts on what style of housing is the best suited for a situation like ours (including minimum or zero net energy consumption etc.). He endorsed the clustered concept, including building into a south-facing slope. He stated that, in order for residents to feel they have visual and physical access to the outdoors, not more than about 6 units should be clustered.

    He also advised that people trying to envision and plan special housing get locked into a certain ideological framework, such as earthship, dome etc. His advice was for us to keep an open mind and find the design that works best for our needs. He mentioned that domes don’t easily lend themselves to clustering, or even to effective interior design (hard to divide into rooms). Also geodesic domes are prone to leakage–so many interface angles in the roof.

  2. enviroman says:

    I have been researching natural building for a few years now and for many reasons I like minimal stick framing with Fsc wood or similar and use straw bale for infill get R 35 and do an earthern plaster mix, Adobe or cob interior walls and earthern floor. Good overhangs, passive solar, rainwater catchment off a metal roof. Compost toilet. Solar and wind electricity. For foundation green ICF and insulate under the slab too. These ideas are easier with building codes than domes and load bearing strawbale. Energy consumption would be low with the right design. If you want me two cents there it is. Also if you want I have 150 videos on green homes at my u tube channel.

    I love talking green homes and I am in montreal so not to far from you. I also have my cards in carpentry construction if you want help building I could help for a few days or a week, maybe you will have a workshop or something, anyway good luck and enjoy the journey. Very inspiring.

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