Feb 12, 2011 @ Terra Firma

This meeting was hosted by Keith at Terra Firma and facilitated by Kara, Keith, Mike Nickerson and Andrew.  Also see the wonderful infographic Kara created.

Below are
A) Topics brought up for discussion with key points brought back to the meeting.
B) Tasks and the people who said they would work on them.

A) Topics:

*People Vision Finance Zoning

*Re skilling (What do we need to learn and learning it.)
– What skills can people bring now. What needs to be re-learned? How? Which skills deserve priority?
– What obligation do individuals and families have to share their skills with each other?
– What skills can be applied to a future vision of the eco-village?

*Social Inclusiveness
– Identify ways people of different abilities can contribute.

*Variety of housing options
– rental options as well as owned houses.
– Accommodation in exchange for bartering
– See if some members can play caretaking roles. (medical ect)

– Affordable renewable supplies
– Reuse/repurpose former structures
– Invest at construction time to save over time

First Roots on site
– Zoning, maps, Meet council
– Raise money
– Visit the Lanark site.

*Rides offered by Jon Last

*Living Economy

*Decision making process and Conflict resolution with respect
– Discussions about self governance

*Simplicity vs Complexity

*Common vision and values
– Host the discussion about common values
– Consider ourselves as one big mind

– Gather people around a vision
– Gather examples of visions from other organizations

B) Tasks and people who said they would take steps:

Responsible to do one thing towards this by next meeting

Host the discussion about common values

Share one big mind concept

Create a wiki for people to put information
Ron, Keith

Raise 150 000 for Lanark

Gather examples of visions from other organizations

Explore Zoning
Mike N and Murray

Create survey of needs and resources
– Skills
– resources
– requirements
– timeline
Mark and Guy

3 Responses to Feb 12, 2011 @ Terra Firma

  1. nicolas Auclair says:

    Ah, you ar in the process of creating this community ! excellent, i just learnt about the 18 of febuary open house, hence already have a meeting with employer for a project this summer that same saturday. I will stay informed and plan in advance to be free at the next openhouse.


  2. nicolas Auclair says:

    terra firma behind the green door in ottawa ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry not to have responded sooner. The open house and members meeting were held at the Lanark Eco-Village site, near Lanark, Ont. The next open house and meeting are scheduled for April 14 – 15 (same place–contact us for details)

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