We have general (but not formalized) agreement that the  vision, purpose and mission of the Ecovillage will be something like this:


Lanark Eco-Village’s vision is:   To research, learn, practice and promote models for community living that are environmentally, socially and economicially sustainable, in order to improve the quality of life for present and future generations, of both humans and other living beings.


We are here to foster a peaceful and intentional transition to a sustainable society, and to be an inspiration to others locally and around the world.

We are here to live in community, to live full, healthy, creative lives.  We are here to learn skills and ways of being required to respect the boundaries and bounties of the ecosphere. We are here to work, as love in action, and to die knowing our products nourish generations to come.


1)      To purchase, own and sustainably manage rural land for low-impact residential use, production of food, forest products and other produce, plus value-added production from these products

2)      To research, practice, demonstrate, teach and promote sustainable and resilient models of living and production.

3)      To provide healthy accommodation, food and other basic necessities to our resident members.


In order to serve our purpose we must commit to follow these principles

  • To live in an ecologically sustainable way on our land – Permaculture principles, 7th Generation principles
  • Continual learning and teaching, planting seeds of new ideas
  • Sound economic planning
  • Inclusive and transparent decision making, with a clear structure for conflict resolution
  • Transform  from with-in  to foster inner peace and outer peace – Findhorn principles
  • Strive to create systems which continue to foster sustainable living without our direct control or input  (outreaching impact)
  • Have fun and laugh at ourselves

We have tentatively agreed to be guided by three sets of principles:

These principles are broadly in agreement or complementary to each other.

-excerpt from LEV Summary.doc and LanarkEcovillage_purpose_vision_living_doc, contributors Keith Shackleton and Kara Stonehouse

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