A few of us have nurtured this idea for a number of years.  We started hosting meetings to discuss the ecovillage in November 2010, and more-or-less bimonthly since then. One meeting in the spring of 2011 was attended by 40 people.  We have been aided by the skills of trained facilitators. In April we formed an informal association and asked those who wanted to be counted as members to sign up with a member fee of $60 per year.

Currently we have 18 registered members.  We have elected a focus group of 6 members to streamline proposals for the membership to decide.  We have no officers except for Secretary/Treasurer (Keith Shackleton).  We have adopted the Formal Consensus model of decision-making (http://www.consensus.net/), enhanced with the colour card system (http://www.mosaic-commons.org/colorcards).  We are currently engaged in formalizing the vision statement, purpose etc.

The main vision behind this project is located here, where you will find motivations and background information.  If you want to get involved, see the Contact page on that site, and consider joining the discussion group at right.

You may also leave comments on this blog with or without a WordPress username.