LEV Solstice Party – Dec 20th 2014

The year is drawing to a close and we are keen to party with friends and associates at the Lanark Eco-Village project.
Saturday, December 20th is a very short day followed by the longest night.  Please join us for a pot luck supper at sundown (around 5:00 pm) followed by singing, dancing and whatever other revelry we can muster.
If you haven’t had a tour of the site, let me know.  We can arrange for a walk-about before the Sun sets.
We have a room (possibly two) available.
If you are interested in joining us for a season or a generation, let’s talk.
As the snow again covers the ground, all the garlic is planted, we have a big supply of soil mix ready for indoor Spring planting, the rhubarb has received a layer of manure, there is a new roof on Tim’s trailer and the tool tent has been taken down.  Almost all other pre-winter tasks are under control.  Let it snow – lightly.
As for our application for a zoning exception, we are down to a last negotiation with the neighbour about our right-of-way.  Once that discussion is resolved, all details will be in line and the prospects look good for getting the go ahead to design and build.
Imagine: a dwelling that not only heats and cools itself by design, but also has the means of providing its inhabitants with all their nutritional needs.  The systems needed for doing this have been proven, our goal is to demonstrate them with a building that can house fifteen to twenty people in a combination of private spaces and shared facilities.  Help us make it happen.
Vision and Purpose
What We Can Build
I’m looking forward to writing about the Eco-Village possibility and spreading the vision broadly, once the zoning is in place.  (To date almost all outreach has been word of mouth.)  As our times evolve, there are more and more people interested in how we might live well in the years ahead.
Meanwhile, the days are getting shorter and we need to get together and help each other counteract the effects of diminishing light and cooling weather.
My partner Claire and I and the other villagers (Gail, Michael, Greg, Tim & Robin) hope you can join us for this Solstice night and that your holiday season ushers you into the time of expanding days and gathering hope.
Yours, Mike and Claire
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  1. Ryan Q says:

    Exciting to hear Mike!

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