April 2014 Open House and Members’ Meeting

This Sunday, April 13, Lanark Eco-Village is opening its windows to the spring air and its doors to friends, members, and the interested public.  Please come meet the people involved in building a sustainable rural community, find out what we’re trying to achieve and how we’re going about it, and even contribute your own suggestions and ideas.

We have a special event to start this month: Anthony Durant, who visited last fall and talked with us about wild healing plants and fungus, has agreed to join us again.  This time he is giving us his take on who we are and what we can do on a deep spiritual and energetic level to explore our role as humans in the cosmic dance.  Our relationship with nature is key to how we experience our lives and the unfolding of personal and world events.  Anthony will follow the questions and desires of the group to bring light to some ancient and newly unfolding mysteries of the universe from microcosm to macrocosm.  Weather permitting, an exploration of the nearby woods and helpful fungi will be possible as well.

Anthony’s presentation begins at 10:00am, and is followed by a Pot Luck lunch at 12:30pm.  We hope you will be able to join us.

The Open House itself begins at 2:00pm with a tour of the site, with time for questions and answers.  At 4:00pm we will have a Listening Circle to discuss thoughts, feelings, hopes and concerns about community, the world and the future.  Each participant gets to speak without interruption, encouraging us all to listen to the wisdom of others.  Communication like this is a rare opportunity and what we hear and learn this way is always interesting.

There will be a Pot Luck Dinner at 6:30pm, followed by socializing.  Bring a musical instrument if you are so inclined, or simply come and raise your voice in song!


Also this weekend, our normal monthly Members’ Meeting.  If you are a member of LEV, want to be, or simply would like to observe how we plan our… development? growth? perhaps unfolding is the most appropriate term– then please come at 2:00pm Saturday April 12.  We intend to discuss:

  1. Incorporating as a Not-for-Profit
  2. Status of our submission to the Township for a Zoning Exception
  3. Yurts and other four-season tiny housing possibilities
  4. Residency assessment procedures
  5. “Privileged Mode” sessions: status, feedback, Q&A
  6. Summer Kids’ Camp
  7. Kitchen extension

Other items may yet appear.  Please contact Mike Nickerson if you wish to add anything.

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