January 2014 Open House and Members’ Meeting

LEV Film (Saturday Jan 18) , Presentation (Sunday Jan 19)

Open House and Members’ Meeting
Unique to this month is a film showing and discussion around Nassim Haramein’s production “Crossing the Event Horizon” in the evening on Saturday. and a presentation and discussion with Anita Pain who trained with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project after the Members’ Meeting on Sunday.Saturday, January 18th 2014 Open House

2:00 Tour of the site.  This will likely be miniimal unless everyone brings snow shoes.  Nevertheless, we can show you the basic layout of the land and can discuss it further at,
3:00 Questions and answers about the Lanark Eco-Village project.
4:00 Listening Circle: An opportunity for everyone to share, without interruption, their ideas, interests, visions and concerns about Eco-Village and the world.
6:00 Pot luck supper
7:30 Film and discussion: “Crossing the Event Horizon.”
Sunday, January 19th Member’s Meeting

Meditation – Prayer tree  -( 11:30)
-Noon pot luck lunch
1:00 Members’ Meeting
– Check in
– Minutes
– Additional habitation  –  Cabin – Yurts
– Use of house –
– Accounts update for 2013
– Garden tasks
– Results of the Survey we did December 23.
– Zoning Envt assessment report.
– Not for Profit Incorporation
– ‘Stuff’
– Scheduling events in time for notices
– Kids Camp
– WWOOFers
– New Agenda Items
– Next meeting
– Check out

4:00 Presentation and discussion:  Climate reality presentation and discussion with Anita Payne who trained with Al Gore.
6:30 Pot luck supper following the discussion.

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