August 2013 Open House and Members’ Meeting

From the complexity of various summer plans, we have finally settled on having two gatherings this month.

The dates are:

  • August 23rd – Members’ Meeting after pot luck
  • August 25th   – Open House
  • August 31st – Open House

The Members ‘ meeting will happen after we meet for pot luck dinner and welcome back exhausted musicians from Lanark Village at  Providence Point. (Earlier on Friday, as part of Bassoon Days, there will be a  free concert at 2pm  – followed by ICE CREAM SUNDAEs – at Providence Point Campground  For directions

The Open Houses will start at 2:00 pm. with a tour of the site, followed by discussion, a pot luck supper and a social evening.

If you are coming for either of these events, you are welcome to stay over before or after, for a better look around, and  perhaps, to help out with the projects at hand.  The campground is always open for tents . The new outdoor cooking facility makes it easier for campers.  Please let Mike know if you  plan on an extended stay.

Its a good time to visit.  The garden is booming!

At our Children’s Camp (August 7th & 8th, 2013), we initiated two fire places. The first is a campfire circle and the second, a place for preparing food.


Summer Kitchen starting to take shape:
This cooking surface will have a bake oven added on the left, hopefully before the end of the season








More images at

We hope you can come and join us in imagining how we might build a settlement suitable for long-term well-being into the 21st Century. Let us know if you would like detailed directions. Looking forward to showing you around.

For more information on the project, directions to the site, interest in membership, please email

Ride Sharing:
Please let us know (phone or add a comment to our ride-share page) if you need a ride or could provide one to others.

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