May Open House & Members Meeting

Happy spring!

Open House on May 11th from 2pm with potluck supper followed by some combo of live music for listening and dj for dancing.

Saturday we are also proposing a mini-work party to repair a piece of fence in the lower garden. We have lattice strapping and cedar pole pieces.

We will have to dig a hole, and then use bailing wire and hammer some nails to fasten the pieces.  Please post if you can assist and bring materials for this job. We need 2″ or longer nails for fastening to the pole, and 1″ nails for the lattice work.

The Members’ Meeting will be Sunday May 12th 10:00 am.
Mike will be away but we will still manage to have a wonderful time, hope to see you!

If you need transportation, please post here:

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3 Responses to May Open House & Members Meeting

  1. brownep says:

    Pat and Hilderic will be joining in the mini-work party fence repair: see update

  2. The design and appearance of the Lower Garden Fence sets the first impression one has of the Village as they come in the laneway.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was thinking of avoiding the need for an auger to dig a hole and instead use a patent fence configuration, and cover it with lattice. It’s not a big span to do.

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